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Our Chamber of Commerce from 1965 Polatlı room serves as member of the staff of 10 people in the border town of Polatli since. The aim of our main room; In the interests of its members, records, legal documents, business operation and change over the follow-up of official vehicle for the fulfillment of their responsibilities to public institutions to play the role of an institution. Enrolled in our room so since 1965, and the total number of our members who have abandoned 3938 ‘has reached. This number continues to increase with records every week. Currently, the Corporation is currently in our room 151, 394 pieces Genuine party, 5 Partnership Company, 37 cooperatives, there are 679 pieces Limited registration.

Rooms our records being sought, the first requirement is that the transport and tax record merchant.

Our room under the name of a project is ever completed, the coming days will also be expected to provide projects that benefit our county and our members. These projects include business development, capacity building, operation disruptions, social responsibility and so on. programs are.

Polatli with inadequate cause of land located within the Organized Industrial Zone in 2008 Polatli Organized Industrial Zone Chamber of Commerce, the installation process has been completed. 4.4420 acres of land which is built on the Polatli Organized Industrial Zone Chamber of Commerce continues parceling work. Following completion of the work of the results of the subsidiaries of the district to provide employment to our new investors and our young people a modicum of reducing unemployment problems in our district to present new business opportunities it is one of our goals.