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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

Another Protocol from the PTO!

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Polatlı Private Can Hospital and Polatlı Chamber of Commerce signed a discount protocol the day we passed. With this protocol signed, members of Polatlı Chamber of Commerce and members who are obliged to take the first degree look and receive medical services at the PTO office for one year at a discounted rate.

A hospital that works for prayer, not for money
PTV President Ulvi Sakarya stated that he had the happiness of offering a discount contract to his members in the statement made about the topic; “As Polatlı Chamber of Commerce we have many discount agreements for our members. We will do one of these with Polatlı Private Can Hospital. Can Hospital did not break us in this regard, they said that they would provide this discount to members of Polatlı Chamber of Commerce and their relatives with a nice ratio. I think it would be beneficial to our members. “He said. Polatlı Private Can Hospital Chairman of the Board Op. Dr. Selçuk Öktemer; “We are proud to be in harmony with an extremely valuable non-governmental organization. The new management of our hospital serves with a new understanding by saying new excitement. She is signing this agreement within the scope of her social responsibility project. Every business organization works to make a profit but we are a hospital that is not always working for money but also for prayer. We are especially pleased that this is underlined in particular. We hope that this agreement will be a blessing to all who are good. ”
The contract is valid for one year
According to this signed protocol; The Polatlı Chamber of Commerce employees, first degree caregivers and employees, and other analyzes and examinations to be performed in the hospital will be responsible for a 12% discount on the inpatient treatment (daily union transactions, surgery procedures, room and attendant fees). 4-D ultrasonics, PRP, Ozone, Hacamat, Aesthetics and Dietitian fees. not included in the contract.