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Capasity Report

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A company with existing production plants and workforce, is a document issued results in a scientific way to determine the specific criteria can be done by moving production units within a few years. The validity period of 3 years Capacity report.

Capacity Report Use Areas in Which?

Investment Incentive Certificate,
Inward Processing Permits,
Permits and Temporary Admission of applications in the closing stages of the commitments under these documents,
A legal requirement and also the application of the Industrial Registration Certificate necessary for electricity and natural gas purchases from reduced tariffs,
Various import and export transactions,
in public and private tenders,
For domestic and international supply of credit,
Domestic and foreign participation in exhibitions,
Assigned or import tariff quotas on the supply of raw materials applied,
In the Manufacturer of document retrieval,
Tax examinations,
The public is necessary for various purposes and also shed light on the mobilization plans and programs to study the removal of the country’s industrial inventory.
Capacity Report Tanzim Sectoral Which are?

Food Industry (food businesses engaged in industrial production)
Yarn Industry
Textile Industry
Knitting Industry
Garment Industry
Painting, finishing and Printed Industry
Jute and Asbestos Industry
Carpet and Wire Industry
Foundry Industry
Metal Goods Industry
Even though the Cold and Hot Wire Miscellaneous Product Goods Industry
Miscellaneous Metal Industry
Installation and Repair, Copper Workshops
Electrical Material should I, Electrical Equipment Installation, Repair Shops
Coatings Industry
Fenner Plumbing and Plumbers in
Wood Furniture Industry
Earth Goods Industry
Quarrying and mining operation in Industry
Glass and Porcelain Industry
Paper and cardboard Goods Industry
Printing and Binding Industry
Chemical Industry
Industrial Soap and Cleaning Supplies
Plastic Goods Industry
Rubber Goods Industry
Leather Goods Industry
Film and Photography Industry
Prosthetics and Orthopedics Industry
Salting and Assortment Leather Works
Software Companies
Capacity Report Application Form Required Documents:

The petition (see Appendix 1)
Capacity report editing information form (Appendix 2)
SSI Services List with the last month of accrual slip of the workers, the workers SSI inputs in the new organization. (Workshop will address the accrual plug address.)
Commercial, the company’s own property deed copy, rent a renovated version of the lease contract (the original of the Lease shall also be submitted.)
The machine park of the company, if any; the machines certified copies or inventory notarization page book and a copy of the page where the stock is registered, or; Machine park list, certified public accountants and firms to be prepared signed and stamped by the authority. (Warrant Case)
Last month balance
Last month’s electricity bill
Acquired in the machinery through leasing;
a) Leasing arranged at least 1 year lease contract for external rental, photocopy of the receipt of the invoice and contract payments from the machines.
b) a notarized lease through the leasing and leasing contracts with machine No. journal proforma invoice, dated and submitted a payment plan.

In arriving machinery from abroad;
Customs Entry Declaration, Customs teller receipt and invoice submission is mandatory

6. Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of receipt of the confirmation fee, which xxxx.00.-tl.’n (Fee will be credited to one of the following account number.)

trxxxx İŞ BANK / Akay Branch
trxxxx AKBANJ / Ministries Branch
trxxxx ZİRAAT BANK / Akay Branch
trxxxx VAKİFLAR BANK / Central Branch
trxxxx HALKBANK / Çukurambar Commercial Branch

* Capacity Report Fees, Room Mortar and Expert Fees included xxx.00. TL (Every Christmas fee varies) and may be paid to the following Room Room teller or account number. (Registration Number in your room payment will be made to account number and must take place of your Name.)

Yapi Kredi bank hs.no: TR93 xxxx
T. Halk Bank hs.no: TR91 xxxx