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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

Gordion Archaeological Park Project

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Gordion Archaeological Park project stakeholders meeting was held. The most important objective of the project meeting held Gordion Archaeological Park of the project, it was announced that national and putting them into one focus of importance on an international level. Yassıhöyük of places, including the project at the meeting, Kıranharmanı, and Sazi were said to be neighborhoods. Gordion Archaeological Park space management feasibility study stakeholder meeting was held at the Public Education Center on 7/12/2015. In the presentation made to the content of the meeting Gordion archaeological park will be achieved in the conclusion of the study underlined the achievements and benefits to Polatli. The meaning and importance of the day stakeholders meeting organized by the District Governor Mahmut Nedim TUNÇER, District Education Director and Project Coordinator Hayri DOĞRUEL was made by Hasan Cetin. Mersin University Lecturer Asst. Assoc. Nida NAYC the project’s importance and purpose of the gains to be achieved at the meeting, informed the participants with his presentation on how to develop the project.

The meeting, our district governor Mahmut Nedim TUNÇER, Deputy Mayor Muhsin Mediterranean, National Training Manager Hayri DOĞRUEL, Agriculture Food Livestock Manager Burhanettin SÜTÇÜ, Polatlı President of the Chamber of Commerce Ulvi Sakarya, Assist from Mersin University. Assoc. Dr. Nida NAYC, Project Coordinator Hasan Cetin, Polatlı The Historic Areas Promotion Center (Potain), General Coordinator of the ancient KOC, Artisans Bail Cooperative President Ertugrul KIYMAZ, Public Education Director Erol Gungor and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, TEO, METU, are invited to Ankara Development Agency and guests attended.