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May 19, 1919 at Ataturk Taking Samsun National Struggle To start, in the October 29, 1923 “Turkish Nation’s character and one that best suits the administration, the Republic of the administration.” He declared, saying the Republic, one of the most important legacy left to the Turkish nation and indispensable value.

sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation in the republic. People use through authorized representatives of the rule itself. The selection of the citizens and the government has the right to be elected. State management, classes, families of the people, can not be left in the hands of a coterie. You can participate in the management and all members of the nation may have a say. Because all citizens have equal rights in the management of the Republic.

The Republic of Turkey without compromising secular and democratic understanding, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the draw is moving rapidly towards modern civilization. In no power that can not be prevented, and the Republic of Turkey will live forever. As long as we have the scientific and rational way, the heritage of Ataturk ayrılmayal.

Republic is the best system that promotes democracy. The individual rights and freedoms can only be assured in this system. connect the Turkish nation to the Republic, to benefit from the blessings of democracy can be developed and glorifying it takes its place in contemporary societies. Therefore, every Turkish national task is to maintain the Republic of glorifying

With these feelings and thoughts; 93.Kuruluş celebrate the anniversary of the Republic, the Great Leader Atatürk and mercy of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives in this cause, our veterans are the main gratefulness.

Polatlı Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Board of Directors
Polatlı Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board
Ulvi Sakarya