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a. Polatli Name

“Polad” The word is Persian, “iron, strong” means. Ottoman documents “Polad”, “Polad” on “Poladl” word Ulu-nomadic tribes and members of the Turkmen Aydin-Bey is the name given to the nomadic communities. of the 1530 Land in Tahrir Book of Hasan Sultan located within Livada Ankara, Seferihisar (Sivrihisar) is in accident boundaries to the person named erko not “grooming” refers to as the Aydin-Begli tribe is included in Haymana taken from these individuals. Between these three tribes “Polad” community’s population and tax amounts are as follows:

– “Orphan aka Jamaat-i (alias) Polad, 19 households, abstract 15, 674 product reserves.”

– “Jamaat-i-Poladl of 8 digits, abstract seventh imam 1, yielding 364 reserves.”

– “Polad Jamaat-i-an-community-i-Begli Aydin, column 2, abstract 5, 14 fund product.”

These three communities located in Sivrihisar border is 28 households and 168 inhabitants. In 1530 two members of the Bacardi Grand-nomadic tribe, which is connected to a separate accident “Polad for” (Today is a village in the Polatli district) congregation is, is 68 households and 395 inhabitants. The income of these communities belong to Anatolian Beylerbeyi.

b. Polatli Castle (Küçükkale)
5 km south of the town, Karatepe üstündedir.t there is a clear direction in sight. Archaeologists Levent Vardar Hellenistic ruling in his research at the castle and eyes mainly ceramic pieces from the Byzantine period. The castle ruins of “mortar” and mortar “walls that, for example, although there are examples of architectural ceramics eat each other support in the nature of the relationship and continuity in the overall settlement is now far from being able to explain the use of the phrase. in later years the castle fortress from these statements that Polatli is a very old castle used by the Turks to believe that we are going to have.

Ottoman Land Register Books “Polatli”, “Polatlu of” the existence of a castle named mentioned. Akyuz, fret, Bügdüz, Susaköy and hamlets-i Ayala’s annual revenue is allocated to people in Polatli in the service of the castle.

In 1486 the castle steward Mehmed son Emir. Land and Pumpkin Messenger (may Pumpkin Village) with annual tax revenue of the village with 3109 reserves the Toğanc saves with Ahmed. The Devlethan the sooner the castle, Sipahi Ahmed Ismail and grooming annual income equal share of the 8457 fund. 1521 Polatlı castle is the largest village in the fief of “Ak Joseph” Village. 76-digit and 9957 fund has an annual tax revenue. We believe that this village Tatlıkuyu village “dervish” is located. Because here, “Father Joseph” and has a large Muslim cemetery. 1521 Sipahi increasing the share allocated to his son Mahmud Ahmad zai Tacüddin. This increase te “Cakir Sheikh” village given increasing income.

This region “erko not” named person while grooming, the Sultan and Aydin connected to hassan Begli placed tribes. Thus, castle loses its defense and protection of property.
c. Polatli export Pier:
“Anatolian Railways” of the Istanbul-Ankara railway, in 1892 through to Ankara Polatli reach. This route Sazi are Beylikköprü and intermediate stations Polatli done. The arrival of the railroad and placed Crimean Turks from the Balkans families. It increases the production of agricultural products. Crimean Turks share in this increase is quite high. Plain and brought from the Haymana of agricultural products, export products such as livestock and wool-mohair is exported by rail from Polatli station.
production in the region increased with the arrival of the railroad. International traders stores around the station is doing. In particular, the region invested heavily in Greek. In 1907 the railway station Polatli Haymana accident “export pier” is mentioned as. In the same year Haymana-Polatlı continues to highway construction. There is also a well established market in Polatli near fall.

D. Polatlı:
Sivrihisar connected to the accident Polatli village, in 1906 Karsakl of Karahamzali and connected to the hinge with Haymana accident villages. 1907 “Ankara province yearbook” in Ankara province; Ankara, Kayseri, Kirsehir, Yozgad and Corum starboard (live) consists of s.

There are nine accident and nine sub-districts of Ankara province. These Centers (Stick and Z township) Ayas (Gudul township), Beypazari (Karaşar township), Nalluh that, Mihalıccık Sivrihisar (Günyüzü township), Haymana (Şeyhbuzunl township), Bala (Based township), Kalecik (Subject and inall the honey township ) and Yabanabad (sorbet township) accidents.

In about 1907 in central Ankara starboard, accident and villages, including 344 019 Muslims, there are 19 531 363 550 of the total population, including the non-Muslim. In 1915, Eskişehir independent live (province) is. Mihaliccik and accidents are bound to Eskisehir Sivrihisar. by the First Assembly passed in 1921 and the first constitutional provision that “the Organization Fundamental Law” The 1st of the article “Sovereignty belongs to the nation Bila registration requirement. Administrative procedures are the basis müstenit people’s destiny to personally and actively managed “will be written. The same law’s 10th in the article “Turkey geographical situation and the province of economic relations point of view of evil, if I münkase the province’s accident, also will terekküp of the township.” Judgment May 24, 1340 (1924) date and 71 second “Organization Fundamental Law” Article 89 of the ; Turkey relations and economic situation nok-t-i to the province from the evil eye, provinces accidents, accidents’m münkas the township and district towns and villages also would terekküp “it said. Thus, according to this law in the first years of the Republic article “live” organization is removed. Corum is a brigade of Ankara province until that date, Kirsehir, Yozgat te becomes a province of the Republic of Turkey. Kirsehir due to sharp district is also connected to Ankara.

National Struggle years, especially in the Battle of Sakarya, a major supply center for strategic and Polatlı, after the proclamation of the Republic olur84 accident center. May 30, 1926 Date and No. 788 “Fundamental Organization Law” Article in accordance with the second Polatli, Ankara center in the province would have an accident. Mazhar Bey Sincan begin working as my Kauymaka. August 1, 1926 date of the municipal organization is established and Dede Efendi Hulusi becomes mayor.

First Government House and First School
inn belonging to Greek Cypriots in the town center, homes, stores and warehouses clearing is done in accordance with the Exchange requirements. The inn, which is given to a derelict Turkish Aeronautical Association. Central to the Polatli district of Ankara, Sivrihisar, Haymana, Beypazarı and connects 73 villages that are connected to Akşehir accident.

On March 23, 1927 “Turkey in Polatli village, Tatar, Bosnian, Kurdish, Alevi, statistical data on the Muslim Coptic population,” according to 56 Turkish villages (10,838 inhabitants), 10 Tatar villages (2,557 inhabitants), 4 Kurdish village (742 people) 2 Bosnian (population 312), Ali Golan village of 62 inhabitants and flames, while the village of Tartar and Bosnian refugees Karp mixed, there are 12 Muslim and Coptic Warrant Hacıtuğrul in the village.

Ministry of Internal Medicine (Ministry of Interior) which was published in 1928. “Last Name Our Property Organization village” is connected to the village Polatlı 70 accident in his publications. In 1930 Yenimehmetli and Beyobası township established. Beyobası township “Samutl” gets its name and more in subsequent years “Based” is changed. On February 16, 1930 moved to the township Beyobası Malıköy İstasyou. On April 30, 1930 Malıköy Samutl is decided to be in the sample villages and farm starts. Short model village and completed in a period of “Samutl the” called. Beyobası moved to the center of the township Samutl village on June 11 1931. open and located near Polatlı Artillery Regiment under the tent 2nd Battalion began the three buildings for construction. Polatli begun in the additional building for Artillery Regiment.

Train accidents due to closing Polatlı- Beylikköprü railway in July 1932 would train accident. It hail and rain would be disaster in 1931. Beypazari Ankara, Polatli, Nallıhan, Rod, Kalecik, Kizilcahamam, Ayas, Haymana full of honey and agricultural areas at accident and suffered much damage from rain. In 1935 Polatlı, Bala and would be famine in the villages of the district Karaman and postponed debts seed wheat a year.

It will begin construction of the Soil Products Office in 1936 and from Marseille business machines and introduction of foreign workers. 1941 Artillery School buildings, in the year 1942 to begin construction of Polatli Train Station building. In 1947, Eskişehir Köseler, Ömerler, Gençali, Kıranharmanı, Sazi and Beylikköprü villages, in 1949, depending on the parish Yunaka of Konya Akşehir district Uzunbeyli, Yüzükbaşı, Tüfenkcioğl and Hacıosmanoğlu villages are connected to the Polatli district. In later years the town connected to the new villages.