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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

KOBİGEL Promotion Meeting was held

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At the meeting with the participation of members of Polatlı Chamber of Commerce, detailed presentations were made about the program’s purpose, support elements and project costs to be supported.

With the meeting, it is aimed to increase the contribution of SMEs to the Polatlı economy by making the best use of the program and to increase the added value of the enterprises.

SME Development Support Program A support program run by KOSGEB. In line with the national and international targets of the country, small and medium-sized enterprises aim to support the projects they will prepare in order to increase their share in the economy and their activities and to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and the added value they provide.

In this context, the projects to be carried out must be completed within a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months. The upper limit of support will be 1 million liras total, up to 300 thousand TL for non-refundable and 700 thousand TL for repayment.
It is aimed to support the SMEs who will act as the structural transformational actor in the manufacturing industry with the project call for proposals which are still in process of application until 20th October 2017.

According to the NACE Rev 2. classification, this program can be applied to enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector. In the medium-high and high-tech sectors, all businesses can benefit. In the medium low and low technology sectors, the net sales revenue should be at least 300 thousand TL and the number of employees according to the SME Declaration should be at least 3 according to the data of the year 2016.

It is compulsory for all entities that will apply to keep books on the basis of the balance sheet and submit the Declaration of Income or Income Tax of 2016. The total budget of the proposed pro- cess does not exceed the operator’s net sales revenues for 2016. The support rate does not exceed 60 percent in all regions.