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MYK Certificate of Professional Competence

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authorized by the VQA certification bodies, the extent of their competence Located national qualification (s) defined the principles According carried out assessment activities result in organized for individuals who are successful and the individual concerned national qualifications specified learning outcomes of the (knowledge and skills) are documents showing that he has.

Quality assurance and international personnel provided by the certification standards through a system of accredited impartial, consistent, fair and reliable MYK individuals who are successful as a result of assessment carried out in the Vocational Qualification Certificate is issued.

What are the advantages of MYK Professional Qualification Certificate?
National qualifications system and the reduction of unemployment in the medium-long term, the growth of employment and contributes to the strengthening of the national economy increased productivity and competitiveness. Skilled and qualified workforce increase of employment supports higher quality products and services through the promotion of our living standards rise.



National qualification assessment document obtained as a result of measurements made on the basis of information that people have when applying for a job, it gives the opportunity to exhibit the skills and competencies.
National qualifications can provide that allow the recognition of formal and informal learning for personal development for individuals with more diverse and flexible ways. Career paths forward that become clearer career mobility are supported.


Employers are easier to reach, qualified and certified as required by the professional workforce can benefit from incentives and opportunities.
information required by the business and have the skills, the employment of people who can adapt to changing conditions to improve the competitiveness of the employer, a waste of time and money with the right human resource planning is blocked.
Dissemination of a skilled workforce employment, are contributing to an increase in the quality of products and services offered to consumers.
MYK Professional Qualification Certificate How to Buy?
Individuals MYK Professional Qualification Certificate is the national competence of the profession they would like to receive documents to and authorized by the MYK in this national competence to perform testing and certification certification bodies are required to have.
Candidates, authorized certification bodies authorized certification organizations in the MYK website in national qualifications they want to learn by questioning the document search module.

Testing and certification of all processes carried out by the authorized certification bodies, individuals are made to the authorized certification bodies in the national qualification exam they want to document their application.

According to national competence in the successful execution of theoretical and performance-based exam candidates MYKVocational Qualification Certificate and portable wallet type in the same format, including MYK Professional Competence ID Card is issued.