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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce


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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce Project Unit and Capital University academics “Beet Related to Agricultural Production-Based Product Development” Polatli about his project of Governor M. Nedim Tunçer Polatlı Mayor found the visit informative Mürsel Yıldızkaya to.

Visits will be produced under the project during the beet molasses of (PANPEK) human health, Project Coordinator Arzu rushing Referring to benefits on “our country beet tank which Polatlı’s forgotten, had to turn formerly extremely human health, such as beet molasses produced by conventional methods useful product causes Polatlı ‘ We not bring either into a specific product. We started to provide employment to women in the project not only beet molasses, noodles, tarhana, local products such as pickles we have been building a production plant can be produced. The construction of the plant was completed came to our machines. Our training is still ongoing, we are launching our workshop manufacturing work in a short time, “he said.

Polatlı Governor M. Nedim Tunçer Polatlı Mayor Mürsel Yıldızkaya, Polatlı Chamber of Commerce Project Unit and said that they were more than satisfied with their visit to inform the Capital University. The Governor and Mr. Mayor who promised they would support themselves at every stage of the project, Polatlı Chamber of Commerce has congratulated the President of the Ulvi Sakarya and management work.

The project began about four months ago, to be processed Polatllı beet production facility and melon outside the beet in many products işlenecektir.ayrı of plants, especially that of molasses, watermelon, grapes, products such as plums processed and all will be done online sales in Turkey.