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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce


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Since the beginning of 2017, the Trade Registry Office within the Polatlı Chamber of Commerce has been able to perform the contracts of the companies in the new records without going to the note.

In the past days, thanks to the protocol signed by the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchange Association with the Competition Authority Presidency, the amount paid to the Competition Authority in the capital increases will be collected from the Polatlı Chamber of Commerce without going to the bank.

Ulvi SAKARYA, Chairman of the Board of Polatlı Chamber of Commerce, made a statement on the subject and said, “Trade register fees collected by the tax offices through the mortgage tracking system software developed by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance have been collected by the Chamber of Commerce since January. Along with the regulations, the number of procedures in company establishments also decreased. Operations done in one week are now completed within 1 day. With the successful work of M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOGLU, our Chairman of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association, Competition Authority Shares will be collected by our room. With the payment of the dues paid in January and the payment of the shares paid to the Competition Authority as of October, the loss of work and time of our members has been lifted and now our room becomes the only stop. “said.

Investment Coordination Council Improvement Coordination Board held on 13.02.2016 and after the meeting conducted in relation with the topic, the capital of all partners in joint stock and limited liability company which will be newly established within the scope of Article 39 of the Article 4054 of Protection of Competition, known as the Competition Authority Share, work on the payment of up to four quarters of the increase in room and industry was started. The payments specified by the signed protocol dated 25.09.2017 are now given to the Chambers of Commerce.