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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

President’s Message to the State

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Polatli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ulvi Sakarya, with sanctions that the United States applies, played on Turkey, in his statement to economic warfare, said the Turkish people and the business of association with that economic battle is won.

President said in a statement Sakarya, “located under house arrest in Turkey US citizen Reverend Andrew Brunson released the grounds of the Washington administration of our country launch a economic war our nation’s perseverance, we will win sooner or later with the national stance and decisive action of our business. Foreign exchange to leave the Republic of Turkey in a difficult situation by the United States will respond to the mobility of workers by removing the best answer to market our feet again. This is the time to give the best fight against those who want to destroy us. The greatest task that we have here is to make sure our business world is better than the environment it is in. We can accomplish this by working out and reviving the markets. In this sense, we will continue to support Turkey has an important place in the Business World Polatli troops doing all the necessary work with over 2000 members of the Chamber of Commerce and togetherness in our country, “he said.