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President’s Message

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Members of Polatli Chamber of Commerce;
We have come to appreciate the task you with our members in mid-2013.
Our management philosophy should think it is valuable from each other all our members, our Polatli and we believe that our country is very important for the economic and social life of individuals.
Our biggest aim is to achieve that the management of the district smiley face against members of our rooms. Services to our members, we have opened a service room to suit our first room with TOBB financial support for it. Our social service projects and technical content will provide added value to our members and our Polatli various grant programs have been implemented and will continue for the duration of our services such as this. Furthermore, TOBB Council membership and Customs Tourism Enterprises (GTI) The Board of Directors has created huge awareness not seem worthy of a Member of the Polatlı development.
We are the largest Chamber of Commerce members with our nearly 4000 On the basis of the Ankara district. Room ensuring the continuity of our county we take our job in the best way in the promotion. In this context, the Chamber of Commerce and in this way to know the importance of unity within the framework of transparency and respect for the value our members to advance our main goal. We are the owner of Polatli Chamber of Commerce members are aware and believe that they have.
Offer our love and our respect for our members, we wish your business to be fertile.
I entrust all of you to God.
Ulvi Sakarya
Chairman of the Board