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Tania’s our POLATLİ

Polatli, in the western part of Ankara, Eskisehir – is the closest town to Ankara on Ankara State Road (76 km). On August 1, 1926 became law No. 877 districts.

Polatlı oldest known history of human settlement in BC It dates back to the year 3000. the ancient city of Gordion in the village Yassıhöyük BC It is known that in the year 3000 settlement.

major civilizations living in the region, respectively, Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.

the current layout of the Polatli district in 1860 occurred in Sivritepe position and victory hinges Quarter Quarter. The main development of the settlement took place here in 1892 with the passage of the Ankara-Istanbul railway.

One of the most important events of the War of Independence, the Battle of Sakarya occurred on the territory of Polatli. Battle of the Sakarya Atatürk was directed at the headquarters Alagöz village is the village where the moans were injured after falling from a horse. Play with important geographical locations in the mountains of this war, Duatepe, Bestepe and Kartaltepe in the Polatli limit. “Polad” The word is Persian, “iron, strong” means. Ottoman documents “Polad”, “Polad” on “Poladl” word Ulu-nomadic tribes and members of the Turkmen Aydin-Bey is the name given to the nomadic communities. of the 1530 Land in Tahrir Book of Hasan Sultan located within Livada Ankara, Seferihisar (Sivrihisar) is in accident boundaries to the person named erko not “grooming” refers to as the Aydin-Begli tribe is included in Haymana taken from these individuals. Between these three tribes “Polad” community’s population and tax amounts are as follows: – “Orphan aka Jamaat-i (alias) Polad, 19 households, abstract 15, 674 product reserves.”

– “Jamaat-i-Poladl of 8 digits, abstract seventh imam 1, yielding 364 reserves.”

– “Polad Jamaat-i-an-community-i-Begli Aydin, column 2, abstract 5, 14 fund product.”

The economy of the Polatlidistrict throughout history has always been based on agriculture. District of 383 675 hectares of water, thirsty and 1.7895 million hectares of the total area of ​​2,173,175 hectares are agricultural. most manufactured products in the local soil wheat, barley, sugar beet, melon and onion. livestock in the district; cattle, sheep and poultry are based on.

In the town center urban economic activities and consequently the industrial sector and the development of Ankara-Istanbul railway services began in 1892 with the passage from Polatli.

Polatli constitutes one of the major granary of Turkey also has one of the most active grain exchanges. This is as a result of the grain produced in the town of Polatli Exchange twice as much as a grain trading to occur. Polatlı Commodity Exchanges as a “specialized market” is showing continuous improvement, the District Directorate of Agriculture, the Chamber of Agriculture, Agricultural Credit Cooperative branch of the Thracian Union of Cooperatives Branch, Beet District Chief, Upper important agricultural organizations such as Sakarya Irrigation Association has been operating in the county.

The recently built at the time of Ankara-Sivrihisar road and district station, the Ankara-Eskişehir Polatlı with speed railway investments, Istanbul and Ankara, is at the center of Konya-Antalya-Izmir.

Polatlı actual method according to the Tax Office to register 3747, 1578 simple procedure, there are 875 institutions and 4957 a total of 11.157 taxpayers tax in the county, including in other areas. In 2006, the tax accrued in the first six months of county TL 74,733,944.33, while the taxes collected £ 51,237,045.67. d. Goods Directorate and the total expenditure incurred in the first six months of 2006, TL 20,727,583.80. d.

613 limited liability company registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the district, 56 joint-stock companies, collective enterprises 7, 83 cooperatives, 2 388 institutions and natural persons for a total of 1,149 members.

A total of 13 bank branches in the county.

industry in the district is developing day by day. one of the leading companies in our country and the Middle East Bearing Industry Hema Gear Factory is located in Polatlı. In addition to these countries, overall the galvanized poles producing SA-RA with domestic and produces upholstery fabric abroad Polman Weaving Industry and American Carpet Industry, 2 ready-mixed concrete plants, 1 paper and printing factory, 1 souvenir factory, 1 roof facade system factory , 1 ambulance equipment factory, 1 pipe factory, 1 medicine material production factory, 1 Combined Cycle Power plant, 9 mills, 3 feed mill, 8 pieces of marble processing plants with 1 agricultural equipment making factory has been operating in the county . This area is always new initiatives and developments.

The district, which will make a significant contribution to the development of the industry in Polatli  Organized Industrial Zone is a healthy development in 2172 the level of infrastructure work and foundation work on the mill acres. OSB is also a second Malıköy founded by industrialists in Ankara under the leadership of 5200 hectares Capital Organized Industrial Zone name on the field. In addition still the OSB 2 in Malıköy infrastructure work is continuing, however, is to establish a new OSB planmal stage under the name of Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone in this area.

Work on the establishment of the Ankara-based Free Zone is ongoing at the stage where the supply.