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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

Sakarya: We will not recognize any other than the people’s will.

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Polatli Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on behalf of Chairman of the Board in a press release Ulvi Sakarya;

We all know that our democracy to a treacherous attack on July 15 coup attempt occurred. Turkey’s future and did günüdür. day of unity and solidarity for the independence of TOBB our President with 365 rooms stock president under the leadership of Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President, our President, Prime Minister and the Customs and Trade Minister our support visits in visit gerçekleştirdik.b who have infiltrated our government Tayyip Erdogan Recep shared commitment to us that it will clean up this parallel structure. We stand behind Polatli Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors of our state and our nation, and I want you to know that we are against any kind of impact.

Sakarya of experiencing victory and in this land called stop enemy Polatli, our citizens by not pass with a 15 the night of July tank debt my thanks also to all our citizens regard the new saga signature atmışlardır.b gained advocating biliriz.demokrasi, coup attempt to perform Feton terrorist organization and junta members are kaybetmiştir.b with the occasion we strongly condemn this heinous coup attempt against the national will. Police registered in the population of our district first who were killed during the coup attempt Special Operations Superintendent Assistant City Living, Police Chief Meric Alemdar including all democratic martyrs condolences to the relatives mercy of God and the sake of us as the PTO to TOBB organized an aid campaign deemed to close our patience dilerim.şehit We made our assistance in amount. We invite all our martyrs and veterans of our members and our citizens to help in the campaign for the relatives.

People will not recognize any other than the will and democracy with our shift, we will continue to keep people in the square.

With our respects.