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Polatlı Chamber of Commerce

“With Beet Related Agricultural Production-Based Product Development” Project

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Ankara Development Agency support, Polatlı that the applicant of the Chamber of Commerce, Capital University, Polatlı Food, Agriculture and as a partner of the Livestock Directorate of Women’s Education and Employment Association “Beet with Driven Related Agricultural Production Product Development” project of başlamıştır.ankar Development Agency on July 1, 2016 2015 2nd Term Sustainable Development Financial Assistance Program, the project will take place one year and the budget of the project is $ 416,860.00

The aim of the project; Selected five villages of the town of Polatlı / value-added agricultural products from one neighborhood to develop a new product by creating a product based on agriculture to promote Polatlı Turkey. and economic and rural Project aims to take a share of the revenue generated by the products of our farmers to adapt to social life through the promotion and development of cooperative understanding that women and their spouses.